Thursday, June 30, 2016

Weebly Tutorial take 3 (Jane)

Weebly – a short tutorial, by Jane

If you would like to make a website, a store, or a blog, go to – or so weebly says on their front page. I only checked out the website capabilities because I do not want to interfere with my shaky but strengthening blogspot know-how.

First, you may create a login or give your privacy away by using FB or Google to log in.

1. My first impression is that this would be a great tool for students to build for themselves. Rather than giving them the ol' pen and paper assignment in order for us to get to know them at the beginning of the year, this would be a much more worthwhile way for them to construct and depict what and who they are – and it is theirs to keep.
Description: Macintosh HD:Users:jlevasseur24:Desktop:weebly examples.png

2. Next, you need to make a choice about your domain name. This is where panic begins to set in for me. Ah! This step can be skipped…for now. It's as if I'm out on technology bail.

3. This website is extremely user friendly! I am stumbling around it and am able to make pages, and negotiate the choice of adding my own elements to a page or using a present one.
"Would I like to use this format for all pages or just this one?"
"Thank you for asking, Weebly, and just at the right time."
Description: Macintosh HD:Users:jlevasseur24:Desktop:Books page.png

4. What a job seeker's tool!  What a great way to curate one's own life, in a more tasteful way than Facebook. It is a diary for one's self or for sharing with whomever you'd like – or a commercial venture, a store, if you've something to sell.

5.  Teachers:  you can try it for free! though the Upgrade key rather insistently hovers.

Overall, a great, user-friendly tool for not only students, but also for personal & professional teacher use.
What a great way to share lesson plans and student examples!

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