Thursday, June 30, 2016

Animoto (Omar)


Is a tool that lets you create videos with music. what it does it uses templates of videos and allows you to insert pictures in to the video. It is a fairly easy tool to use.

Firs thing we need to do is to create a username and password.

Once we are in the website it will give you a short tutorial on how to use it you can skip it since I will be demonstrating how to utilize.

First thing we need to do is to figure out what template we will need to use. it has many different templates seperated into categories once you pick a template it will take to you to the main working screen. This screen is the screen in which the majority of the editing will be done from

On the main screen  in the center you will have a chance to choose the pictures that you would like to use. You can re-arrange them delete pictures that you have already shown. Depending on the template each picture will stay on the screen for 2-6 seconds.

On the left part of the main stage  is your tool box you can change the style (video template) add text to your pictures, as well as pics or videos to your video. you can also add music to your video and animoto has 1000 plus songs to choose from, alot of them are really funny childrens songs. As you work on the video you can click preview video to be able to see a preview of what you have so far.

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