Thursday, June 30, 2016

Livebinders (Angie)


Website: Livebinders home


Livebinder is used primarily to collect resources for educators and focuses mostly on keeping web based sites and documents organized. It is perfect for people that have a middle things bookmarked on their computer or multiple devices to store their favorites all in one place. In addition, it can be highly useful for schools to organize their professional development materials, teacher resources, teacher materials, and students materials all in one hub. Another positive to livebinder is that it also gives educators access to different resources that other professionals have posted. It can also be used in conjunction with students as academic portfolios or projects. 



  • Can be overwhelming to start and figure out how to use - Use the tutorials! 
  •  A lot to look at when it is set up and organized 
  • Not that visually appealing to students or if using for student projects 

  • What is the difference between using livebinders and google drive? 
  • Why use livebinders over google drive or vice versa? 
Overall Rating: 

 I would give it a rating of is 7 out of 10. I think it is a great idea for educators and administrators to share resources with other professionals but it looks like it would take a lot of time to organize and set up. 

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