Thursday, June 30, 2016

Khan Academy (Mike)

I decided to do my tutorial on Khan Academy . Khan academy is a virtual tutorial on how to do mathematics and other subjects.
Why I decided to do this was because I teach eight grade mathematics and I sometimes use ConnectED video tutorials to reemphasize what we are going over in the classroom. This is very similar to what I already use, but I might still use it for struggling students with certain concepts, because they have extra practice and they can access this from their home or library computers/cell phones. 

   When I signed up for this, it asked me to add my students names and emails which I first of all do not have yet, and secondly I don't feel comfortable giving out without parents permission first. They send you a confirmation in your mailbox which you have to use in order to start the tutorials. The tutorials are youtube videos, which I have found just by using youtube

   While getting ready for class this morning, my wife, who always turns on NPR in the morning, was playing this station and on the news came on a segment on KHAN Academy. I thought that this was such a weird coincident and I listened to part of it. It appears that Mr. Khan had opened up a school in the Silicon Valley and was charging $25,000 per student to attend to what sounded like a version of the MET School in Providence, where you do not get grades, but work on whatever interested you at the moment. Class sizes were limited to fifteen students per class. They claim that the rooms were sort of like "Organized Khaos" to make up my own word. like they make up they own curriculum. Mr. Khan talked about Artificial Intelligence to start off the class. If interested, I have the link for the NPR publication. 

   Except: When I used this first tutorial they had several comments added after, where people seemed to be a little confused about why you had to write six places for changing a fraction into a repeating decimal. 

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