Thursday, June 30, 2016

Live stories (Emily)

Story Maps is good fun. It's made by ArcGis which is generally just educational, but the tool is super applicable to anyone, for even non science purposes.

You start by making an account (or logging into your old one, if you have ArcGis already).
Then, pick your map format. I just picked the simplest one, but others allow for more customization from stories.

After picking a layout, colors, etc. you can upload photos using a URL or logging into a feature like facebook or other sharing photo feature.

After uploading photos, you can add captions and reorganize the layout. Make sure to save every change, pick a map-style, and organize the photos in the "organize" button. Putting photos on the map is a bit of a challenge and some of mine may have ended up in the sea-- whoops. Others (those that are tagged by location) are automatically placed on the map.

The zoom feature allows you to zoom in and out to different degrees-- pretty nifty. After you're done, you can "preview" and then share and get a public URL.

Here's a series I made using my facebook:

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