Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Poll Everywhere (Karen)

I decided to try Poll Everywhere because I work with pre-k children and want to start asking them a question of the day in order to identify names and letters and count and read a graph.  I also thought it would be easier for me to implement it on a daily basis. So I signed up for Poll Everywhere.

  1. Upon getting to the website, I went to the upper right hand corner and signed up.  
  2. It was necessary to enter personal information but I used my school's address and phone number.
  3. After signing up, there was a quick and very helpful tutorial that walked me through each step of creating a question and providing answers.
  4. There are choices in the types of questions: multiple choice, open ended, etc.

  • I don't see how I can have pre-k children use the same computer because it asks for participants to text or log into a website for the poll.  I thought I could have them all respond on the same computer.
  • I am not able or can't find how to attach visuals unless they are on my computer which are necessary for this age group of pre-k children.

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